We have installed eScan anti virus when will our network be clean

This should be a simple process where in an ideal world all 150 PC’s communicating with the server are accessible simultaneously; where we would expect completion to be inside 24 hours. However starting in the main office (part one) we encountered a combination of issues such as: infected and out of date PC’s, errors with installation and PC availability. This resulted in completion being delayed by a few weeks and meant for part two and three, we had to rethink our way forward and allocate more time.
Getting PC’s up-to-date and protected involves ensuring:
(1) The eScan and malware software signatures are up-to-date
(2) Full malware and eScan completed
(3) Windows updates have been checked, downloaded and installed. This is basic maintenance and can highlight any vulnerability’s and give good insight to how well each PC is performing. In reality it means completion of the above is taking on average 3-5 per PC, although has been known to vary, due to either the amount of data on the C: Drive, the operating system or how often windows updates are performed (if at all).

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